Radar Networks, the home of the eagerly awaited semantic web app Twine, will announce on Monday that it's closed another round of funding, including a major investment from the fund lead by Ross Levinsohn, the man who bought MySpace while at Fox.

Super-sleuth Dan Primack over at PE Hub dug up the early news about the investment and Chris Morrison at Venture Beat says Velocity Interactive Group and a number of other investors are putting in money in the $15 to $20 million range.

It's not the biggest semantic web investment of late by a long shot, and the company had raised $4m already, but this new round is notable because so many people are salivating over Twine. The service is most simply described as a tool for "knowledge networking." We wrote about Twine when it was announced in October, Richard MacManus asked if Twine might be the first mainstream semantic web app to hit the web. See the video below for a more in-depth introduction.

For a look at the breadth of Twine coverage across blogs specializing in semantic web technology, check out this search across our Semantic Web custom search engine, part of the RWW Toolkit for the Top Issues of 2008. See also Bernard Lunn's post here this week titled, 11 Things to Know About the Semantic Web.

The following is Robert Scoble's 10 minute highlight tape of an interview he did with Twine founder Nova Spivack in December.