The excellent Trendsspotting blog has compiled a meta list of 2008 Web trends, by selecting "a group of 10 web/tech influencers suggesting their trends forecast for 2008." ReadWriteWeb is one of the 10 influencers selected - using our 10 Future Web Trends post as our contribution. But see also 10 More Future Web Trends and our 2008 Web Predictions post for more RWW trends.

Below is Trendsspotting's image from our post, which neatly displays our picks:

Note that all the RWW authors contributed to the 10 Future Web Trends post, so they weren't just my ideas.

Trendsspotting came up with a tag cloud that combines the keywords from all of the 10 influencers:

It's very high level, but you can see that mobile, open, video, green, social, and networks are among the most popular tags.

Here is the full report, well worth a browse: