Infoworld magazine is reporting that Google is planning to integrate Adsense ads into their Google Maps service. The ads would be embedded into the push-pin popup graphics that are used to mark locations. Google does not know when these ads will go live.

Google also said that the ads could be integrated into their new Mapplets map mashup making service on a revenue sharing basis. Users would be paid by the click, similar to the current Adsense offerings, and could limit the number of sponsor ads that would appear in their Mapplets or turn them off completely. "This is something you will completely control," said Google engineer Andrew Eland at Google's Developer Day in London yesterday.

The ads will probably resemble the look and feel of Google Maps more than in this mockup.

Google's preview Mapplets might give a hint of how the service could work. Two of Google's example Mapplets are commerce-oriented: movie showtimes and real estate search. It is easy to see how Google could offer company's paid preferential treatment on this type of maps mashup. These paid placements would not necessarily resemble current Adsense text ads, but could be more fluidly integrated into the look and feel of Google Maps.

Like other Adwords ads, map ads could be highly targeted, not only by subject matter or keyword, but also by location.