Find Internet TV today launched what they say is the first online guide to live Internet television streams. Even though their new TV Listings page currently only display information on about 50 of the 600 channels in their database of TV stations that stream content online, this guide puts Find Internet TV a step ahead of similar guides to online TV content like ChooseAndWatch and FreeTube, which link to video streams but can't tell you whats on.

Find Internet TV's Listings are displayed in an attractive manner that resembles other online TV guides. They use a 10 channel by 4 hour grid that loads in an iframe, left/right arrows advance listing by an hour. There are drop down menus that allow you to jump to any date or time and filters for General, Music, News, Sports, Entertainment, Kids, Shopping, and Religious programming.

Hovering your mouse over the name of a program in the grid pops up information about that program. It's general info about the show rather than the episode, but includes a "Watch" button that automatically launches the channel in a separate window. Clicking on a station name brings you to the Find Internet TV directory page for that channel.

The service offers a standard "favorites" option that allow you to create custom listings of your favorite channels. But the most helpful option that the Find Internet TV Listings service offers is the "Only Channels Showing Now" check box. When checked, the listings will only display streaming channels that are online now. Unlike cable or satellite television, Internet TV is often off-air, and as the site adds more of its 600 channels to their listings, this option will be more and more helpful for cutting down the noise.

Find Internet TV's Listings is an impressive product. It has the look and feel of a traditional online TV guide and is a valuable service that will help people navigate online streaming television, which until now has been a difficult process.