In yesterday's post about Google, a follow-up to this week's interview with Matt Cutts, we wrote that Google is still searching for a way to measure relevancy for video - and by extension a way to automatically insert contextual advertising around its YouTube videos. We think that the lack of an adequate "VideoRank" is the main reason that Google is not putting advertising around YouTube videos.

However Mark Cuban left a comment onto the latter R/WW post, saying that he thinks relevancy has nothing to do with it. He wrote:

"The lack of ads has nothing to do with relevancy. It has to do with copyright laws. If Google doesnt have a license from the video owner, they cant show ads.
If you do a viewsource, you will see the ad tags which define a user id, along with category and demographic info. If the user id reflects an uploader that Youtube has a deal with, you will see ads. If not, not."

And, as is Mark Cuban's custom these days, he finished with a none-to-subtle dig at Google:

"In terms of video search. There needs to be a differentiation between internet video search, and website video search. Google only does indexing of video on their owned sites.

Maybe they think they can host all the worlds videos ?"

We think Google is indeed scared of the copyright laws, but that the real underlying problem is that Google hasn't found an adequate technical solution to inserting contextual advertising next to YouTube videos.

So who do you think is right, the billionaire or a bunch of uppity tech bloggers? ;-) Here is a poll to find out...