I am always one to promote the 'read/write' meme and today I noticed a post by Rod Boothby, on what he's calling the read/write Intranet. I didn't see a definition for what this is exactly, but in any case Rod's asking people to vote for the best read/write intranet systems. In the interests of finding out what people think, I've included the poll in this post too (with Rod's blessing - see update #2 in his post).

While I'm on the topic, I'm on the selection committee and will be a judge at the Office 2.0 event, March 23 in California. This is being organized by Under the Radar. Most of the companies below are nominated (along with a bunch of others), so I'm going to be digging into office 2.0 software over the next month or two.

Please contribute to the poll below and let us know in the comments about the innovative read/write intranet systems you're aware of.