Todd Bishop at Seattle P-I newspaper has published a telling tag cloud view of Bill Gates' speech at CES earlier this week. Notes Bishop:

"Putting our fancy new gizmo to work, we fed the text of Bill Gates' Sunday night Consumer Electronics Show keynote into the tag-cloud generator, and added the results to our scrolling timeline of Microsoft keywords. Here's the static view below, showing the most commonly used terms from the speech, and providing an alternative look at what the company was saying during this year's show."

Here is the result:

This is an excellent use of tag clouds! I wrote in our wrap-of Gates' speech last Sunday that Xbox was mentioned a lot - and the tag cloud clearly shows this. I wondered if Vista would be top word/phrase, and sure enough it is about equal with Windows. Other words to stand out include 'media', 'hardware' and 'video' (amongst others). One word that seems to be conspicuously absent is 'live'...

Also note the fairly big 'deliver' :-) 2007 is the year when Microsoft has to put up, or shut up.