Today Silicon Valley company Fabrik launched its myfabrik online storage and file-sharing service, after a 4 month beta period. It's also releasing a new service called myfabrik lite, that lets users share large multimedia files (up to 1GB at a time). The aim with the Lite product is twofold: as a solution to sending huge attachments by email and also to enable users to auto-generate HTML code on the fly, to embed streaming media players within blog posts and web pages.

The difference between myfabrik and myfabrik lite is that the former is being marketed as a full-fledged storage solution, whereas the lite version is to "host and deliver content". So the Lite version is really about sharing multimedia content with others, via a blog or social network.

Screenshot of myfabrik

Myfabrik is certainly a good looking service and I like the way they are positioning it - not as a boring old storage solution, but as a way to make it easy for people to use digital media on the Web. The tool itself is not much different to the other online storage solutions around, but there are little things that seem to personalize the app more. For example at the bottom of the myfabrik app is a little ajaxy box called 'Experiences'. Click on that and you can label your media files according to life experiences - such as Love, Friends, Event, etc.

Myfabrik is being positioned for use by bloggers and social networkers, as well as creative types. In the pitch I received, it was described as "like having a combination of YouTube, Flickr, .Mac and G Drive all wrapped up into one." This seems like a good ploy to capture that elusive YouTube-using younger generation, at the same time as appealing to Mac-wielding Flickr-loving bloggers.

The basic service is free with 1GB of space - with additional space selling for 49 cents per month per gigabyte. Although when I signed up today I could still get the 2GB free beta offer.