Read/WriteWeb's Web 2.0 Summit coverage sponsored by Yahoo!

Kevin Rose is on stage talking about what Digg knows. He says they have 600k editors that digg stories. Yesterday they set a record for fastest story to hit digg frontpage - the Rumsfeld resignation story took just 4 minutes to hit the homepage after it was submitted! He said netscape and reddit also got the story on their frontpages before mainstream media. 33% of diggs for popular stories typically come via Swarm or Stack.

Kevin said that they'll be launching a custom flash toollit for publishers soon, for them to skin their own interface for swarm/stack. He shows a very cute (but Kevin called it a bit lame) example of bees pollinating (=digging) flowers (=stories), so the flowers will grow over time.

Kevin now addresses the issue of gaming. He says they have 1 sitewide administrator, so they have to create the tools behind the scenes for that person plus the community to help prevent gaming. He says they gave the power to the community to prevent the spamming, but they wanted to go one step deeper. So they take a look at digg patterns - trying to pick up "unhealthy patterns". So they look at referrers, ip addresses etc - if for example 90% no referrals for a story, the know it's spam. Another thing they look for is same-source digging - always digging the same source. Also high % of anon proxies.

Kevin ends by saying they have around 20 new features coming next month.