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At last year's Web 2.0 Conference, Mary Meeker of MorganStanley outlined how mobile and Asia were set for big growth. At this year's Summit, Meeker focused on video and monetizing that.

Mary speaks at a million miles per hour and data points go past faster than one can type them. So check out the slides for all the data details. Some quick notes:

  • It's tough to succeed on the Web - around 2% of tech companies create close to 100% of the wealth.
  • International markets are becoming crucial, as US share of world internet users falls from 37% to around 20% in 2007. China obviously, but also India and Russia are noted by Mary.
  • Mobile - entering the "adoption sweet spot" in 2007.
  • Growth is still going up - especially outside the US.
  • Just as Apple monetized online music, the market for online video is poised for similar growth
  • Momentum for online video continues to build
  • Effective editing of video will become more important - e.g. Yahoo's The 9.
  • Audio search will become more popular
  • Only 13% of top 15 online retailers are pure internet plays (Amazon is #1)
  • Watch where the younger generation goes