As if we needed any further proof that the online video market is white hot right now, the founders of Skype have now set their sites on a Web TV service - according to this Yahoo News story. After creating the file-swapping service KaZaA and then VoIP software Skype, Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom plan to launch an advertising-supported Internet television shortly. Said to be just a month or two away, the service will enable "people with professional content" to put it up on the Web for users to download for free. The code name for the project is "Venice".

In related news, Brightcove is ramping up its long-awaited Web TV service. Today they launched the Brightcove Network, which lets content owners release their own "commercial Internet video channels" for free and generate revenue through advertising and video download sales. To accompany this news, Brightcove also launched today a new video advertising network, the ability to offer video downloads for purchase or rental, plus a new-look portal for consumers. Brightcove has also partnered with AOL to get a wider distribution.

As Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire said in the press release, this is "the beginning of the Internet TV era".

Techcrunch has more on the Brightcove story. See also Read/WriteWeb's post last night about YouTube competitior Metacafe, which has just released a revenue sharing program.