Google has an upcoming Personalized Start Page for Enterprise, according to some sleuthing done by Garrett Rogers and Scott Smith at Google Blogoscoped. Here's an example Dell start page and the official help page.

The Personalized Start Page will be one of the options available in the beta Apps For Your Domain service. Currently email, IM, calendar and website creator is included in the package. In the Google Blogoscoped forum, there's further speculation about Writely integration and the ability to add Adsense to it.

I think Google sees Personalized Start Page for Enterprise as a kind of 'instant Intranet' option for small-medium businesses. While the example above is from Dell, it's unlikely a big corporation would ditch their (often hugely expensive) custom-made Intranet. It could also be used as a customer-facing website, which the Dell example seems to be. But I don't think that's all that appealing from a branding point of view.

You'll note that the Dell page includes some special Dell gadgets (see image below). This is where it starts to get interesting, as we morph into a world of componentized web apps. That kind of functionality would be very useful on a company Intranet.