I listened to the Gillmor Gang today, because it featured Gabe Rivera talking about Memeorandum. After wading through all the Gang's talk about Sun.com, which didn't interest me in the slightest (what was that about?!), I noted this gem of a quote from Doc Searls:

"Memeorandum is what google news should've been."

Gabe also spoke about filtering and how Memeorandum is more organized, smarter and faster than traditional filters. Also I liked Mike Arrington and Dan Farber's bits on how the best news reporting these days is infused with passion, authority and reputation. As Mike said, that's mostly seen in bloggers - but Dan was right to say that mainstream media can also have those elements too.

Incidentally, I'd love to see The Gillmor Gang become much more focused and time sensitive. Much as I enjoy listening to smart people like Steve Gillmor, Dan, Mike, Doc and Gabe - I'd prefer to spend 30-45 minutes listening to a tight and focused discussion, than 90 minutes trying to filter out all the things I'm not interested in (e.g. whether Sun invites bloggers to its conferences). Even if they are big issues, I tuned in to listen to talk about Mememorandum - not this other stuff. Just a suggestion...

p.s. Dan has a good text summary of the discussion.