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- Digital Summit 2006 (in Mumbai India. Dina Mehta is covering the event in her blog and says so far there's been little talk of social software, but she has some good real-time notes with stats on the India Internet market. See also ContentSutra)

- eyeTV and iPod integration (Michael Gartenberg says it's "a great way to get legal video content on your iPod pretty easily")

- iLife and RSS (Gartenberg again... he is doing a great job covering convergence these days. He says the iLife photocast feed needs work and worries about RSS in general being fragmented)

- Microsoft's Don Dodge looks at collaborative filtering services such as Digg, Reddit, memeorandum ("The big players are likely to look for acquisitions in this space.")

- Can Murdoch Win on the Web? (News Corp may spend $1 billion to push DirecTV into broadband) 

- Yahoo misses Q4 Wall Street estimates (shares down about 13 percent in after-hours trade)

- Yahoo Q4 Earnings Release Conference Call Transcipt (The Internet Stock Blog transcribed the whole call - excellent work! See also the Yahoo webcast and's audio)

- Google to buy radio ad company (paying $102 million in cash for DMarc Broadcasting, a California company that works with radio advertisers in the sales, scheduling, delivery and reporting of radio ads)

- Fred Wilson on Intelliseek/Buzzmetrics/Nielsen deal (a big deal because "Nielsen is a major player in marketing research and data and they have embraced the idea of user generated content/feedback as a business opportunity.)

Create iTunes playlists with WishMix (but for your benefit or Apple's? My latest ZDNet post)

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