A daily review of Web and Media news that crosses my path during the day. I need a better name for it - any suggestions?

- John Battelle's thinking ahead to the next Web 2.0 Conference and is seeking feedback for a byline. I may not be hyping the meme anymore, but I love the Web 2.0 Conference and long may it continue. John's thinking of 'Disruption' as the theme for '06, which judging by the impact Web companies had at CES this year -- may be on the money.

- Mark Pincus: the future of media is all about brand - and apparently porn. Fred Wilson responds: correct, it's about brand, microchunks and syndication. I'm with Fred on this - it's all about branding your microchunks (which is where the porn comes in?). 

- 78.5% of Google's ad revenue shared with users? According to the NYTimes (via Ben Barren): "...for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense and other places that distribute its ads, it pays roughly 78.5 cents back to sites like Digital Point that display the ads."

- Dave Winer is implementing Reading Lists (yay!). I hope the Web 2.0 Workgroup is one of the example Reading Lists...

- Gather.com is getting a lot of press and as usual Mike Arrington gets to the crux of the issues in his analysis: "...the site is poorly designed, very cluttered and doesn’t clearly state what they are doing."

- Matt McAlister responds to the "Old Media" rebuttal to the noisy blogosphere ("I don't think the critical blogosphere noise will stop until Old Media invests in the new user interaction models rather than continue its fight to preserve traditional advertising metrics.")

- Russell Beattie: Home Media Thoughts ("none of this stuff really works together, and most of it is too complex for your average consumer to try to get working.")

Pic from Ross Mayfield