Using the Mark All Read button

I’ve just returned from 4 days holiday. I was disconnected from the Web for the entire time. This was a good thing, as I spent lots of quality time with my family. Now I’m back sitting in front of my PC at home. I’ve spent the last hour reviewing stuff in my RSS Aggregator. But with 4 days worth of updates to dig through, I’ve barely made a dent in clearing out my RSS Aggregator! So rather than totally swamp my mind with new data, I decided to take the plunge and click the Mark All Read button. It’s a drastic move I know, but it’s the only way to keep my holiday clearheadedness intact. Plus, do I really want to engage myself in the RSS-Data debate? That’s a rhetorical question 😉

I did however bookmark Jon Udell’s latest articles, on browsers and interactive microcontent – yum! I’ll devour those later. Plus I’ve bookmarked a Mezzoblue essay entitled “markup: Bulletproof XHTML”. That’s of interest, because I have my own XHTML essay brewing inside me…

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